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Cheshire East Safeguarding Children's Partnership Services

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Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (CESCP) Services to Schools, Academies & Independent Schools

All partners have joint responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements. By taking up the services offered by the Safeguarding Children's Partnership schools will be demonstrating their commitment and engagement in this process and will be assured of high-quality support reflecting the most up to date advice and information.

All educational settings are part of the wider safeguarding partnership and all are relevant agencies. The Director of Education is a core member of the Partnership Executive, representing Headteachers but all education settings will need to continue to engage and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding practice and fulfil their statuary role in safeguarding children and young people. Significant consultation has taken place through the School Associations to refine and finalise the offers available to schools and which are detailed in the Service level agreement (SLA) which can be downloaded from this page.

The core offer will give schools access to
- relevant and up to date information, advice and CESCP multi-agency training, including DSL support 
-representation at and support with  multi-agency meetings such as MARAC, CSE, MFH
-invitation to Safeguarding Partnership Development groups
- Safeguarding assurance compliance audit via Section 175

(Full details can be found in the SLA document)

The enhanced offer gives additional support through
- access to refresher training for DSLs
- access to practical support e.g.  policy templates, newsletters, SCIES website
- access to advice and guidance in specific cases e.g. risk management, escalation of concerns
- specialist support for high-risk cases
- support for key themes as identified by schools, e.g. knife crime


 (Full details can be found in the SLA document)

SCiES Team 

Safeguarding Children in Education Settings (SCIES) also offer a range of additional support which can be purchased, either as stand-alone training and support, or as part of a pre-purchased package.

For information regarding the other services provided by the SCiES team see 'SCiES Training' , on the right hand side of this page, which gives the option to book/details of courses, dates and charges.

For the SCiES website homepage, please click 'SCiES Homepage' link on the right of the page.  

It is expected that all settings will purchase the Core Offer. If a setting does not, then the safeguarding children’s partnership would need clear evidence on how the setting fulfils its safeguarding obligations and if required would need to consider a further review of arrangements and take appropriate actions.

This contract will operate from Jan 2020 to August 2020. The annual cost is 75p per pupil for each contract with a 5% reduction for maintained schools for the enhanced offer with pro-rata costs  for period Jan - Aug 2020 (33% reduction)

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Details of the core and enhanced offer with costing 19/20
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